With LBS Suite, invoicing is no longer a full time job, rather a simple formality that can be executed with a few clicks of the mouse.
When your project is finished, click “Invoice” and the invoice is sent to the client!


Do you invoice your projects in phases? Do your clients pay you deposits? Do you invoice the same project to different client sites?
LBS Suite has simple and efficient solutions for every possible payment situation!


Supplier invoice checks are automatic when the invoice is entered into the system; comparison with the services provided is immediate.


Save your client payments by linking them directly to their invoices. Manage any discrepancies, client credits, losses, profits, etc.


Pay your suppliers by bank transfer in a few clicks; manage BACS or international transfers automatically and send orders for payment to your bank.


Invoices, credit notes, payments…all your accounting documents can be exported in the format which best suits your accountant, for easy processing in his or her accounting software. No need for extra accounting entries to produce your financial reports!


Send clients reminders with the Automatic Payment Collection Module, and optimise your cashflow.


With LBS Suite, account management is effortless. You can dedicate time to your business and let your software do the work for you!


With payment management, your cashflow is in better shape. You can dedicate time to your business and let your software generate supplier payments and detect bad client payers!