The Company





Language Business Solutions provides management solutions to language business and translation companies in particular.


The business was initially created to provide a solution to a translation company in the same group. LBS Suite then became a high-performance and professional CRM + ERP tool. In 2006, the decision to sell LBS Suite to the entire translation market was taken. LBS Suite became an independent product specifically dedicated to companies in the sector.

Over time, it increasingly adapted to the requirements of its client companies. Development Partnership imposed itself as the company’s key philosophy. Our clients are now stakeholders in the directions our software develops.

Having always embraced the structure of a local client server which guarantees confidentiality for our client’s data as it is hosted on their own servers, today we are enriching LBS Suite with Web interfaces at different levels.

The security of our clients’ strategic data is essential for us. Each of our clients is in charge of hosting their own data and the files of their clients too.

In the same way, each employee has a level of access which does or does not include authorisation to data in LBS Suite. You manage confidentiality issues within your own company.

Each of our clients has their own identity, methods and standards. We believe it is important to privilege difference. We provide the possibility for each client to be different.

LBS Suite is completely customisable in every customer-facing interaction. Your clients will recognise your identity even if you are using the same software as your peers.

LBS Suite helps you organise your projects, folders, publications with autonomy and a customised result. We have chosen to adapt to your preferences rather than asking you to bend to our demands!








Choosing LBS Suite means all the support of a dynamic and rigorous organisation which will support you in your development and be a partner for your current and future needs.







Simple and effective management processing is a must.
LBS is a vital management tool for translation agencies.
It is designed specifically for translation agencies.
It has all the functionalities of both a CRM and ERP tool.
LBS Suite means saving time and improving efficiency.
With its advanced functionalities, LBS Suite is your best assistant in every situation.
It adapts to all the subtleties of your business and provides a precise solution for all your management needs.






I choose LBS Suite for


LBS Suite makes managing my translation tasks easier. They become more flexible and flowing thanks to the user-friendly and interactive interface.
I can process all of my orders far more quickly and more reliably too.

LBS Suite has been designed to meet the requirements of my translation agency. I can customise it however I want and I choose the modules I need: quality module, internal cost management module, the client website, etc.

LBS Suite offers the most precise functions such as calculating the price using the CAT report, finding a translator with the right language combination, expertise and previous collaborations with my client.

LBS Suite covers all the operations in my translation business, from quote to invoice and including statistics and advanced searches. It’s as if I have an assistant in each department, highly experienced in the translation business with all the functionalities which make my life easier!

LBS Suite analyses my translation business. Every aspect of the business can be analysed for advanced and in-depth statistics. LBS Suite is my dashboard that is permanently updated, giving me a genuinely accurate overview of my business in real-time. LBS Suite is an essential tool for decision-making.

When I encounter a problem or have a question, I can rely on the speed and responsiveness of LBS’ technical e-support department. A technician can remotely access my software at any time to help and guide me.

With its development partnerships, LBS Suite adapts to my specific requirements. If I want to add functions to my management tool, the research and development department investigates my request and integrates the new functions in the next update.


Choosing LBS Suite means choosing a global, intelligent, analytical, optimum and future-proof solution.